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Questions about Jewish communities in the Chicago metro area since I may move there soon

Hello I have put this on a throwaway account as to not dox myself on my main.

I was raised reform but raised around every denomination. I grew up in the suburbs of chicago and the latter half of my childhood was spent in a more Jewish area although it leaned reform. I am now more religious than my parents and while I hesitate to call myself a BT I am headed in that direction.

While I currently don’t live in the state I want to move back to Illinois at some point hopefully to a more religious area. However I don’t really know much about the communities/community demographics and norms as I would rather not move to a place that I would not fit.

I understand people wanting to maintain privacy so it’s ok to be vague or not speak in a public forum but I am curious since whenever I move I want to stay in that place for awhile.

I have thought about skokie of course but I know that there are communities in buffalo grove, evanston, west rogers park etc but that is about all I know. I know the communities exist but not really much detail beyond that.

I figured this might be the best place I know of to ask around so I do hope this is not overstepping.

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