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Questions about conversion

So I tried searching the wiki and some other forums and videos but some wouldn’t answer my questions, so apologies in advance if these have already been answered elsewhere.

  1. Can a person with no prior Jewish ancestry convert (as long as it was for the right reasons)?

  2. During the ceremonial circumcision for a male who is already circumcised during the conversion, do they literally stab the penis? Is this mandatory for orthodox conversion?

  3. Can a convert become a rabbi?

  4. In order to convert, do you have to be fluent in Hebrew or do you just need the basics?

  5. Do all prayers need to be said in Hebrew? If so, why can I not pray in my native language?

Please note that all these questions are in the context of a orthodox conversion that would most Likely take place in London, Britain.

All answers are appreciated, thanks 🙂

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