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Questions about Conversion through Independent ("Non-Rabbinate") Orthodox Conversion Courts

There is something I have been wondering in regards to conversion to Orthodox Judaism. I have learned that there are independent Jewish courts, meaning Batei Din that operate outside of the approval and oversight of the Israeli Rabbinate and/or the RCA if it is a conversion in the United States. Some of these include Giyur K’Halacha and Ahavat HaGer among some others. I know that the conversions done by these courts are not recognized by the Israeli Rabbinate and only recently have been recognized for civil purposes in Israel (meaning if someone converts through these courts they can make Aliyah and be considered Jewish in Israel). However, if someone receives a conversion through one of these courts, whether in the US or in Israel, would they find widespread acceptance in local Orthodox communities? For example, if someone went through one of these independent conversion courts, would the average Modern Orthodox synagogue in the US consider their conversion valid? Would they officiate their weddings? Would they be able to go to a ModOx Yeshiva? Or would most Modern Orthodox communities/institutions not recognize the conversion? If not, would that person have to do a full new conversion or do giyur l’chumra under auspices that are recognized by the Rabbinate? Any insight or information on this is very much appreciated and welcome. Thank you.

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