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Questions about Conservative Halacha

Shalom! I’m new here. I was raised secular and has been interested in Conservative/Masorti Judaism. There are some questions that I have regarding Conservative practice (could not find the answers elsewhere):

  1. Are three major prayers (Schacharit, Mincha, Maariv) obligatory? What if a person is unable to concentrate?
  2. Are Conservative Jews required to do Havdalah before eating after Shabbat? If yes, is the deadline also Tuesday? What kind of cup is allowed?
  3. Is studying Torah required every day? If yes, how much?
  4. Are the rules more lenient regarding hearing a woman singing?
  5. Are there Shomer Negiah rules?
  6. What is the attitude towards participating in non-Jewish festivals (solely for fun)?
  7. Is it allowed to enjoy meditation music?
  8. What’s the attitude towards depicting sun, moon, stars? Whether through painting or through sculpture. What’s the general attitude towards art?

I apologize for so many questions. I just didn’t know where else to post them.

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