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Questioning certain aspects of Ani Maamin

Social Background for Context: Went to right wing yeshivas, currently part of a ‘Yeshivish’ community and kids are in Beis Yaakovs and Yeshivas. I know how to learn, enjoy learning and have chavrusas and go to shiurim.

Disclaimer: I unequivocally believe in G-d. There is no doubt. This is not a post about “proving G-d is real”.

However, I can’t say with certain that I fully believe (אני מאמין) that there is will be תחיית המתים and that there is a person/being called משיח.

Doubts stem from multiple ideas.

1) Maybe we were supposed to have built the BH”M already and we missed the boat because we are waiting for something that’s not going to happen.

2) There have been numerous documented cases within the world of Social Psychology and Sociology where newly formed cults or religious groups maintain grasps on their members by creating this waiting game of end of days. This waiting provides the leaders with a hold over the group.

3) How can we be sure that that is not what’s happening to us?

4) How can we be sure that all the religious leaders that decry the groups that try to go to Har Habayis, or have tried rebuilding the BH’M are right?

5) What about the people that claimed they were mashiach similar to Shabsai Zvi (not necessarily him per se)?

6) Maybe WE need to take some initiative instead of waiting for this miraculous earth shattering event and miracles?

Any thoughts on this matter or contemporary sources that discuss this more in depth would be appreciated.

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