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Question – Why do practicing Jews ask strangers to put on tfilim on the streets of Israel?

Hi, I’m an Israeli secular Jew (Jewish according to Jewish law, but in practice an athiest).

When I walk around in public I often see religious Jews standing on the street, asking me if I would like to put on tfilim and pray. I hate this.

I have been asked many times to put on tfilim, when was the last time I put on tfilim, etc etc. Once I was even approached by a religious man while waiting to order food if I would like to pray with him or something, I don’t remember exactly what he said but it was of religious nature (obviously).

My question is: why? I thought Judaism doesn’t promote proselyizing, so why ask obviously secular Jews on the street to put on tfilim?

Bonus question: What’s with Jews driving around neighborhoods blasting annoying religious music at 300+ decibels? They drive through my neighbor frequently, most of everyone I have seen living here are also secular Russians (Jewish or otherwise).

This makes sense I guess, what’s the point of driving around and blasting their religious music in neighborhoods that are already composed of religious people.

In my opinion this driving around with giant speakers and blasting super loud music (of any kind) should be illegal, it’s super annoying. It’s enough we tolerate them closing off roads on the shabbat because they don’t drive on the Shabbat (conflicts with the secular population’s right of travelling and transportation through public roads).

Thanks for answering 🙂

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