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Question to Jews about The Exodus from a non-Jew

So, I just want to ask what do you guys think about the whole episode of when Moses led Jews to leave Egypt at the time of Ramesses II also known as the Exodus.

From what I understand the Ramesses II did nothing wrong. Moses obviously had an assignment from Yahwe that he had to take OG Jews out from the Egypt.

Again, I hope I would be misinformed, but so far to me it seems that Moses (under direct Yahwe guidance) instructed Jews to deliberately “borrow” silver and gold that they had no intention of giving back. He also coordinated lying to the Ramesses II regarding the fake reason why they had to all leave.

Eventually, it is discovered by the Egyptians that Jews fooled them and ran away with the valuables they promised to return and this whole excuse that they just had to go for a 3-day trip was a lie.

In the end, Ramesses II army catches up (since he was fooled, a lot of money was effectively stolen from regular Egyptians who thought Jews were their trustworthy neighbors, etc), Yahwe directly intervenes to slow down the chase and then save the Jews by closing a water passage right after jews leave, so the soldiers of Ramesses II who were closest to the Jews and went after them end up drowning to death.

Did Egyptians in any way abuse jews to deserve this? This is very conflicting to me since I’ve also read some studies that said that even some stuff from the Ramesses II vault was taken away. Like, cmon you took Egyptians money and even possibly stole some of the Pharaoh’s personal stuff and then you blame them after it is discovered that you ran away with the money? And then why does Yahwe (or Moses) intervene to kill the Pharaoh’s soldiers by closing the magic water passage, letting them drown to death?

Can you imagine if someone would do the same to Netanyahu? Wouldn’t you feel bad about if you were the pharaoh?

Edit: I know that Moses was not alone, but with Aaron while doing all of this.

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