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Question! Studying Conversion ! (London or NYC!)

Dear Kind people,

I am hoping to begin a master’s degree in Anthropology this September if exam results allow. I am hoping to write an ethnographic study about conversion to Judaism. I’m principally interested in speaking to quite halachically observant “new” Jews (probably in the Modern Orthodox to Orthodox). The field site will be either London or NYC (purely because they are the only places where I have family with whom I can stay for free!!) I am not VERY “connected” to communities (although I know my local Rabbi in London quite well) so I wanted to ask:

Do any of you from London or NYC know of any communities in either London or NYC that I ought to get in touch with? In particular, Shuls or centres where there are many people going through the conversion process? Or people I should talk to or reach out to? Any leads, hints, ideas, would be MUCH much appreciated!

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