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Question regarding Zoroastrianism in relation to Christianity.

Hey guys,

i hope you take no offense in my question but i antizipate a more neutral and objective response in this sub, than i would get from dogmatic christians. About me, i was born and raised christian but during my life journey a bunch of doubts regarding this faith arised. Christians themselves often consider themselves the “succesor” religion of judaism while orthodox rabbinical jews seem to categorically reject that claim.

A while ago i learned about the religion of zoroastrianism and a lot of theological concepts of zoroastrianism seem to be way closer to christianity than christianity to judaism, for example the dualistic view of a good god and it’s evil counterpart that wants to lead humanity to damnation. While jews do not belive in this dualistic concept of a evil counterpart to god. I read somewhere that a prophet born by a virgin is also a concept within zoroastrianism.

Regarding my question/conclusion: Because of the geographical closeness of this two religions (Judaism/Zoroastrianism) is it possible that Christianity is a religion created by a sect of jewish people that where influenced by zoroastrianism? Do you think i could be on to something, or is my thought process false. Are there historical documents that might support or reject my thesis, that you are aware of?

This question got asked in christian sub reddits as well but they didn’t subscribe to the idea that there would be any theological connection between christianity and zoroastrianism.


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