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question regarding song choice

Hey all! I would first like to say that I do not practice Judaism, which is why I need some input from all you lovely folks. I run an honor orchestra at my school (I’m in tenth grade) and we play music on our own, don’t have a conductor, and can play some really advanced stuff! The school conductor isn’t a very good guy and whenever the winter concert rolls around I can never help but notice the underwhelming amount of Hanukkah songs on the program. Now that I run my own honor orchestra, I decided to change that. I’m planning ahead to the winter concert and I found this amazing string rendition of Hava Nagila but I’m not sure if it’s suitable for a Hanukkah theme. Is Hava Nagila often played during Hanukkah? Please leave any other song suggestions as I am struggling to find Hanukkah songs to arrange!!! Thanks for any help!!

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