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Question regarding role of Dead Sea Scrolls/"Essene judaism" in contemporary jewish religion

So i asked my professor in jewish studies a question the other day which he said he could not respond to so i thought i would give it a try and post it her:The discovery of the dead sea scrolls and the qumran community has obviously revolutionized our understanding of antique judaism and jewish history, but i am curious if the texts and the beliefs they represent have had any actual influence on contemporary jewish beliefs and practices? Has there ever been such a thing as a “Neo-Essene” movement or group of people (either jews or gentiles) who have embraced the beliefs and practices found in the Qumran scrolls? or are there Jewish congregations out there who incorporates at least some of the its texts, beliefs and practices into their religious life? Or is it more accurate to say that this ancient sect of judaism and its beliefsf are regarded with some suspicion by most contemporary jews?


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