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Question on this Rambam

“If, by contrast, a Jewish male enters into relations with a gentile woman, when he does so intentionally, she should be executed.23She is executed because she caused a Jew to be involved in an unseemly transgression, as [is the law with regard to] an animal.24 [This applies regardless of] whether the gentile women was a minor of three years of age,25 or an adult, whether she was single or married. And it applies even if [the Jew] was a minor of nine years old, [she is executed].26

This [punishment] is explicitly mentioned in the Torah, as [Numbers 31:16-17] states: “Behold they were [involved] with the children of Israel according to the advice of Balaamו.27 Execute any woman fit to know a man through lying with a male.”

Two questions. Why is a child culpable for an aveirah that they don’t have the intellectual capacity to comprehend the gravity of?

And two, more personally; there is a significant chance that my mother’s geirus was actually invalid, and assuming it was invalid, would my mother be chayev misa for her marriage?

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