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question on S&P Sephardic tradition on tallet

question on S&P Sephardic tradition on tallet

Howdy! Background. My fiance and I we we are sephardic, but we have been following mainly the middle eastern traditions. But, given the fact that we also have Spanish and Portuguese ancestry, we were thinking in adding a S&P tradition. We recently learned that some SP jews traditionally embellished their tallet corners with embroidered patches, like the ones shown in pictures.

Since we have been considering adding this tradition for the tallet in the chuppah, I was wondering if this is still done in some communities? Or if this can be done in a beit Yosef Tallet instead of a silk tallet? Have you seen a person doing tefillah with a tallet gadol with patches on the corners?

If you have any additional information on this tradition, feel free to comment it Cheers!!!!

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