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Question from a Goy: Is it normal for Rabbis to not know the deceased?

First off, my apologies for the struggles Jewish people are experiencing all over the world. I know words are cheap but I stand with you all. I hope for peace, prosperity and safety for the Jewish community and people.

I do have a question that might be naive.

While watching old SNL, I saw this – where a Rabbi doesn’t know the deceased whose funeral she is officiating at. It reminded me of this from Angels in America, where the Rabbi also doesn’t know the woman whose funeral he (Meryl Streep in drag) is officiating.

Is it typically for the Rabbi officiating (is that even the right word? Is ‘saying’ better, or is that just the Kaddish?) a funeral to not know the deceased? Is that typical for most funerals, even non Jewish ones? Is it related to the desire to bury the deceased as soon as possible?

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