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Question from a Catholic: on tribal affiliation being passed down through the physical father.

First, I should begin with a disclaimer that I’m very ignorant about Judaism, which is partly why I wanted to ask about this, so I’m bound to get certain things wrong and miss certain nuances of the religion. I also understand that Jewish tradition is very rich and filled to the brim with things that require extensive study if one wants to fully understand them. So,with that in mind, please forgive me if I misunderstand something or say something ignorant. Anyway, here’s the question.

I recently snuck a peek at this sub’s sidebar and at the resources listed on there. Being a Christian, my attention immediately went to the link about why Jews don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus.

The list of arguments on that page admittedly got me a little uncertain about certain aspects of my faith, so I wanted to address that by investigating some things and by asking people on this sub, hopefully in a respectful way.

The first question I wanted to ask (edit:I should clarify that I’m starting with one question, because there are a LOT of arguments listed on the r/Judaism page alone, and I’m currently looking into the rest of those arguments) was about the specific verses cited to support the requirement for the Moschiach to be paternally descended from the tribe of David. The verses listed are Numbers 1:18 and Jeremiah 33:17.

The thing is, I looked at those verses and it seemed to me that the most either one said was that (in Numbers) soldiers named the house of their fathers at a given census, or that (in Jeremiah) David’s descendant on the throne was predicted to be a man (without specifying how he would be traced back .)

Is this a case of me reading an English translation that doesn’t catch all the nuances of the original text, or is my concern addressed by the admittedly numerous texts and sources that lie way outside the scope of the Christian canon? For example, is there an answer to the loophole that the prophecies may have only predicted a biological lineage, as opposed to a specifically paternal one?

Again, I’m very new to Jewish tradition, and I realize how grating it must be to hear someone speak with inexperience about your religion and about a topic that you have a more thorough and intuitive understanding of, so please forgive me if I get something wrong.

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