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Question for those who strictly hold by the laws of niddah

An edit for a TLDR, and because I don’t want to edit my main paragraph. I understand that women are perpetually niddah until the mikvah. Why do men avoid contact wholesale for the two weeks of niddah? Is there a halachic reason why a man cannot briefly be tumah, and then quickly remedy it?

I’ve always been curious about this and never had the chance to ask anyone in person (nor the comfort tbh);

If a mikvah can clear up one’s status to taharah, why bother separating beds and refraining from contact? Couldn’t a husband go to the mikvah daily while one’s spouse is still niddah? That way, you could continue to have physical contact without worrying about ritual impurity on a daily basis. Everyone showers daily anyway, why not take a quick dunk?

Edit for clarity: why can men not be niddah for a short period of time until they are able to get to a mikvah. I am not asking about the woman, who I understand must be niddah for two weeks.

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