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Question for Arabic speaking Jews

Shalom/Salam cousins (Muslim here).

It is my understanding that in Judaism, mentioning the name of God is reserved for certain times/places due to the holiness of the name.

In Arabic, “Allah” refers to the almighty God, the same God of Abraham, Moses, etc. It is technically not a “name” in and of itself, buy is treated like one nonetheless. This is apparently related to the words Elohim and Elah as well.

Anyways, in Arabic there are phrases that will use the word “Allah”. For example:

Inshallah – “God Willing”. Mashallah- “God has willed it”. Sunhanallah – “Glory to God”. Alhamdulillah- “Praise be to God”.

The phrases are extensively used in Arabic such that it is likely difficult to speak Arabic without using them in some form.

What do Arabic speaking Jews do in such cases? Or, is this not an issue at all?

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