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Question about trans acceptance at orthodox shul

I am a trans woman who considers herself spiritual but not religious. I belong to both a conservative and an orthodox (not Hassidic, I would say more modern orthodox but idk if I would go as far as to say it is modern orthodox) synagogue. I haven’t been to women’s only events at the orthodox synagogue, and I was planning to ask the rebetzin if it’s appropriate for me to attend (while most congregants do not know I am trans since I joined post transition, she does bc she knows me pre-transition). I was curious if someone knows how she will respond so I can save myself the embarrassment. Am I not going to be accepted? Should I not even bother asking? At the conservative synagogue I know this is a non issue but I wasn’t sure about the orthodox synagogue. I guess to add I haven’t been to services at the orthodox synagogue since I’ve transitioned either , my family and I just go to some of their community events and classes , so in a similar vein am I accepted on the woman’s side? I’m worried to ask and get shut down. I want to connect closer to Judaism.

Edit: the rabbi and rebetzin are very nice to me at community events , not sure if that’s a good sign or not

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