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Question about the use of the tetragrammaton

I recently started reading A Short History of the Jewish People: From Legendary Times to Modern Statehood by Raymond P. Scheindlin, and I have a question about the use of the name “Yahweh”, specifically.

I understand that, generally speaking, Jews do not try to say the tetragrammaton (and I understand that no one actually knows for certain how to say it, as well). I imagine this applies to writing as well, and assume excludes if you are the author of a new translation of the Torah or Tanakh, or if you’re a sofer. However, I’ve noticed in this book, when references to God are made, sometimes the Israelites are referred to as “Yahweh worshippers.” I assume the author is Jewish since it was recommended by the Rabbi that teaches my intro class, or is at least knowledgable on Jewish studies (is that what it would be called? lol), so I’m just curious if this is common place when discussing the history of the Israelites, or what’s up here?

Thanks, and I hope my question isn’t silly or anything!

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