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Question about the reasons of anti-Semitism

I’m not from the Jewish background but the Jewish history interests me so much. But no matter how much I read about all the persecution of Jews throughout the history and even in the bible, I don’t quite understand, or get satisfied by the reasons stated. It all seems like a facade with some real intention hidden. Despite being the parent of all abrahamic religions and strict monotheism, the Muslims and Christians hated Jews even more than pagans. I know all the reasons of the particular events of massacres and exiles which are by the book, but they don’t quite satisfy me. Like about the holocaust, even when Hitler knew that they’re begining to lose, he used all the budget over more killing rather than war, and he might even have won it if he had done so. But he didn’t choose to despite knowing this, and this means he was even more evil than what we know of. All the nationalism, racism was secondary but the hatred and the persecution was the primary priority. And this has been the case for throughout the history, where they just needed some reasons to start persecution. It seems like the anti-Semitic propaganda wasn’t the actual reason but it was the outcome of something else. Why hatred towards a particular community, for over 3 millennia? I’m sorry for my mistakes of phrasing if I did any.

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