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Question about the multiple Jewish texts

Hello everyone, I am a person coming from a Roman Catholic family, however I usually consider myself a bit agnostic since I do not have a deep-rooted faith. These last months randomly on the internet I started to find phrases and fragments of texts that I found interesting and when I investigate a little more I see that they come from the Jewish religion.

For the first time I think I am interested in learning something about a religion. What I don’t know is where to start and I feel very embarrassed to have to go in complete ignorance to a synagogue, apart from the fact that I understand that there are several branches of Judaism? I would like to know where to start. The fragments of texts that I read that caught my attention come from the Talmud and the Kabbalah, I think that the first step is to read the Tanakh and then go directly to the Talmud/Kabbalah. Am I right?

Sorry for my ignorance and I hope not to offend with my questions, I am totally ignorant.

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