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Question about the Messiah

Hey! I am an Islam-raised Person in Germany from immigrant parents, and I’m currently struggling due to some personal and familiar circumstances about my faith.

I did, out of interest, research about many religions, including the Hindu Religions, ancient Sumerian religions Babylonian, eastern Asian religions that partly derive from Buddhism such as Confucianism, Shintoism and well Buddhism itself. And of course the three abrahamic religions and some “theoretically abrahamic-teachings following” religions such as Baha‘i or Druzes.

During my research about Judaism, I came to one question that I cannot really find an answer to or 100% clear answer (maybe that’s also the problem, when is there always 100% certainty?) and I thought I might try asking this here.

Judaism’ scriptures, especially the Torah, has some minimum requirements for someone to be at first considered and later confirmed as the Messiah. One of those is that the messiah is indeed from the genealogy of King David from the fathers side. How can we today ever know that someone is really of this family tree that is required to be counted as messiah? Is there a specific family in Israel/among Jews that is a “hot candidate”? I know that sour wiki states that due to this genealogy requirement, everyone who is not Jewish-born is definitely NOT the messiah, including all converts. Furthermore even within Judaism, people from the tribe of Levi for instance are as well excluded if I’m not mistaken. So does this mean that one just assumes that if a claimed messiah is from any of the other former Jewish tribes, he is at least definitely a descendant of King David?

I did ask a Rabbi about it, and he told me that the messiah might not fulfill this genealogy requirement or that the messiah might not even be a specific person because overall it rather speaks of a time period in which the messianic prophecies are fulfilled. How’s your stance on this, is this an overall accepted statement?

Best regards

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