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Question about terms and offensiveness

Hello everyone!

I help to moderate a religious subreddit. Today, a person I haven’t interacted with before made a comment on a post which I honestly couldn’t understand–the grammar and word choice was odd, so it’s possible that English isn’t their first language, which is fair since this is a worldwide community. I admitted my inability to comprehend, and they tried to explain again (I still didn’t understand), but this time to illustrate their point they used an example of what they apparently feel is typical Jewish behavior. It raised some red flags for me because the way it was presented didn’t seem entirely complimentary, I wasn’t sure why we were bringing up Jewish people anyway, and I’m always wary when someone speaks as though all members of a group behave in the same way and it’s not a good-natured joke. But I don’t know much about Jewish culture, so I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, warn them about comments which could be interpreted as antisemitic, and removed the comment.

They replied that they weren’t fans of Jews, but that they weren’t antisemitic, and that what they had described was just what goats do. I looked up “goat” as a Jewish slur and didn’t find anything, so I asked if “goats” had been a typo. They replied that Jews liked to identify themselves with goats and were proud of it–something about dominance and submission in the religion. At this point my alarm bells are going off, but again I don’t know much about Jewish culture or symbolism, and I’d like confirmation that I’m correct before banning this person.

So basically, is “goat” a slur for a Jewish person? I apologize if this is upsetting; please forgive my ignorance.

**Edited to add: thank you for confirming my suspicions. That user has been banned, and I have explained to them why they were banned.

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