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Question about Shabbat strictures.

I’m not religious, but my wife is. We keep our house kosher and if I want something traef I do it outside of the house. We were talking the other day and a question came up. She’s not reached out to a Rabbi to ask them, but I thought maybe I could ask here.

I can if i choose work during Shabbat. Keeping track of what I earn during Shabbat is easy to track to keep the kosher earnings seperate from the non.

If I used that money to buy myself tools for my hobbies, if I happened to sell something that was built using those tools, would the money earned from that be tainted in the same way as earning it during Shabbat?

Writing the above question leads me to another question. If a person has an online shop, like ETSY, or something similar. If an order is placed and paid for during Shabbat, is that money tainted?

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