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Question about Psalms 110(Make sure to read everything)

Assalamulaikum(Shalom Alecheim)

I’m not a Jew but I’m a Muslim and I’m reading the Bible and I wanted y’all’s interpretation of something in Psalms.

The verse in question is Psalms 110:1:

The LORD says to my Lord: “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.

A trinitarian came up to me an argued that since it’s two lords talking it’s about the trinity and plurality within God.

I responded by saying that the Hebrew word for The LORD and the second my Lord are different one is the Tetragrammaton the other can be used for a human being.

He proceeds to then tell me that the difference in the two word was only a later addition in the Torah and that in the Isaiah scrolls one of the oldest copies of psalms is “my god says to my god or “my lord say to my lord”

So he says that the yhwh was a later addition and that both of them should say Adoni

He’s now arguing that since there is no distinction made between the Adonis that it’s two yhwhs speaking to eachother like the trinity.

Can I get y’all’s input on these claims since it’s also y’all’s scripture

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