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Question about Prayer


I was raised where my Judaism reflected what felt was “culturally right,” but I always felt I never fully understood what I was doing. I was Bar Mitzvah’d and as I’ve grown older I’ve started to have a strong desire to get closer with our faith. During COVID I started to familiarize myself with the 3 daily prayers, and eventually I just lost the passion or even discipline to continue because it felt so forced and almost (don’t take offense) too annoyingly structured.

From point of few other than tradition, is there any harm to doing prayer 3 times a day but in my own way? I know the importance of each individual prayer, but it feels way more genuine to just openly pray without having to follow the structure of a Siddur. I find myself getting way more connected when I’m having open conversation rather than just reading words from a book because I’m “supposed to.”

I would really love some insight on whether or not this is considered acceptable, or any other tidbits of wisdom. Thank you all! Much Love.

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