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Question about (possibly conservative or orthodox) Jewish religious rule


I am a secular student of law, and recently was reminded of something I head about Jewish religious law that is peripherally relevant to a question I am interested in.

Some time ago, unfortunately on Tik Tok of all places, I heard someone discuss a certain category of G-d’s (apologies if this is improper formatting) commandments to Jews, which were understood to be binding in spite of being inexplicable. I believe they were talking about the portions of Leviticus regarding shaatnez, but I am unable to find the specific video I recall.

My question is this: is there such an understanding of Jewish law that some restrictions on Jews should be upheld by Jews, in spite of not understanding that rule? If so, does this class of rules have a name and a common understanding of what rules are or are not included?

I apologize if the framing of my question makes it hard to understand, I don’t feel I’ve done a great job asking it but am uncertain of any better words. If you’d like clarification, please ask, as I am more than happy to provide.

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