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Question about MO community -saying hi to strangers yay or nay? English or Hebrew?

So, I’m starting to slowly join the MO community, (it’s a pretty small community/city) I’m wearing my kippah and tzitzit now, so no hiding my Jewishness. But I have no experience growing up Jewish so it’s all new to me, especially the social aspects. Anyways, would you typically say hi to someone else who is Jewish, that you don’t know? Or is that odd? Also if you do, would you say it in Hebrew or English? I’ve said shalom a few times and people seemed a bit uncomfortable by it or like it was odd I said it in Hebrew and not English (maybe reading too much into it, idk).

I know it might sound silly but I feel like a fish out of water so I’m trying to fit in, the last thing I want is to stand out.

I should add my community is technically MO but it’s mostly comprised of people who are reformish and secular. It’s a very causal Orthodox community. Not many b&w’s.

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