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Question about Mekubalim

A couple of years ago in what I would describe as hashgacha pratis I ran into a Mekubal, during our very brief conversation that was mostly pleasantries, he very adamantly told me something about my life he had no way of knowing, and then told me about an event that would take place in my life related to the issue he described about me that he had no way of knowing. I was very touched and emotional about what he told me but I didn’t know what to think, at the same time to be honest I have hoped said event would come to pass ( so far it hasn’t ). For anyone who may have any experience or gone through something similar or just anyone that has knowledge about Mekubalim, is it possible that what he told me it will still come to pass? How do Mekubalim work? I’m litvish / Chareidi and Mekubalim is not a concept in my circles. Thank you so much to anyone who may provide me with some insight.

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