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Question about marriage and circumcision


We are an Orthodox family from Israel – we are not religious, but traditional. A few years ago, my older sister left Israel and moved to the United States. She met a conservative Jewish guy there, they fell in love, and they live together. My sister called me yesterday and said she was pregnant and that they wanted to get married. But not with a rabbi — a civil marriage. And that she thinks she is having a boy and she will not circumcise him. I was very disappointed but I didn’t say anything (and yet it really hurts me) our parents didn’t accept it kindly . My mom was crying and screaming my dad was very angry both of them didn’t sleep all night and neither did I . With all due respect to my sister, my parents don’t have to suffer because of her decisions.

My sister has always kept a tradition and loved Judaism. The guy with her is very secular, and tries to do everything just to prove a point.

To be honest I really don’t like her future husband.

He even called me barbaric because I am in favor of circumcision

and is there anyone we can talk to?

I’m in so much pain because of it

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