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question about listening to pagan music

so this is gonna be a weird post. but i’ve got obsessed more recently with music heavily rooted in paganism and/or heathenism. some of these artists are sketchy too, like potentially white nationalist sketchy. most of the time though, no mention of any minority or non-white group. more or less just an ode to pre-Christian or viking era Europe.

for all intensive purposes this music is essentially “instrumental” – there are vocals with lyrics but lyrics are indiscernible and i’ve never bothered to read them. i just really like the overall energy of this music. it’s somehow simultaneously depressive and motivational. Jewish music almost never appeals to me in the same way except for maybe Hasidic niggunim which often have that same depressive element on point.

i’m just curious if there is some sort of halacha that does not permit listening to pagan music or any music of another religion/spiritual path. i’m also gonna assume it’s probably not ideal to listen to music made by people who may or may not be white nationalists. probably not a halacha for that tho, i guess it’s just a given.

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