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Question about kippah

Sorry if my english is bad. A couple of months ago I wanted to take my faith more seriously. My family is not very religious, but getting closer to my faith is a big help for me. I find more of a purpouse in my daily life. Prayer and coming closer to god is the path I want to continue on. Quite recently I visited family friends who are originally from Israel and practice almost every aspect of the culture. I asked for some help to reconnect and become more serious with my faith. We had a really great chat and I got to borrow some more advanced books about prayer, but I also got a kippah as sort of an early Chanukka present. This was since I don’t see them often. The kippah was brought from Israel and I was recommended to wear it to better connect to my faith but also as a cultural symbol as to keep the family culture more alive. I felt very honored by this.

I am aware that this is quite a big deal and I only wore it at home and whenever I was outside I covered it with a hat. I don’t want to draw any attention to it since I wear it for personal reasons. Finally I felt like I could have it in school since it’s a tolerate and safe enviorment. Im 18 and in a gymnasium in Sweden, so it should be quite fine. I wore it one day and I was happy to find that my friends did not care. However as the day went along I could overhear some not so pleasant remarks from other students as I walked thrugh the corridors. Also at one of the lessons my teacher called out my kippah as I was wearing a strange funny hat to entertain the class. This was very surprising, you would think that a teacher wouldn’t say anything like that since it’s a school with adults. This made me very discouraged to wear the kippah in my school.

My question is if it’s ok to keep wearing it or should I stick to only having it on in my house. It might have been stupid of me to think that I could evade mean comments. It means a lot to me as it’s a gift with a lot of thought behind it and it would be nice if it was possible to wear without minor antisemetic remarks coming from people around you in a working enviorment. Thought on What I should do/think about?

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