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Question about Karaite Judaism and the end of times

Hi, I have a few questions about Karate Judaism and the end of times:

(1) As far as I understand it, Karaites do not subscribe to the Talmud as an ultimate authoritative source on religion. Why does Rabbinic Judaism equally value the Torah and the Talmud when we know that the Talmud is a collection of opinions written by humans, who were clearly inspired by the word of G-d, but were not G-d themselves?

(2) According to Wikipedia: “In a generalized sense, messiah has ‘the connotation of a savior or redeemer who would appear at the end of days and usher in the kingdom of God, the restoration of Israel, or whatever dispensation was considered to be the ideal state of the world.'” (

If the meaning described above is true, given “the restoration of Israel” and ” the ideal state of the world” – don’t these phrases imply some kind of continuity of life, rather than the end of it? In a more secular sense, this could mean a transformation of society. Yet even a literal interpretation seems to suggest a continuity of the world, rather than a finality. Otherwise, why would there be a need to “restore” Israel, or to create an “ideal” world, if everyone were going to move on to heaven or hell? Is the messiah’s true purpose to preside over the end of the world, or rather, to improve the one we live in?

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