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Question about free will

Hi I’m a student in college at the moment. I come from a predominantly catholic area and I’ve been really interested in the topic of free will so much so I’m writing an essay (EPQ) on it. I would really appreciate if any of you could give me an alternative perspective from all the catholic interviews I’ve been doing. Ive done some research online but I haven’t been able to interview any Jewish people in real life. I would really appreciate if any of you could answer any of these questions. 1) how does the Torah and its message influence your beliefs on free will 2) do you think G-d is the soul reason for our free will or do you think there are other factors (our environment or biology for instance) 3) do you think we can truly live freely with god being our soul creator and having perfect knowledge of what we will do?

Thank you to anyone who replies. 🙂

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