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Question about Esau

Alright so my question is probably a simple one but I’d like to know y’all’s thoughts on this

Esau was supposed to get Isaacs blessing. But, it was said when Esau and Jacob were born that the older would serve the younger. And His mother helped him (Jacob) to essentially steal the blessing from Issac and obviously Esau wasn’t too happy about this. Esau asked for some type of blessing from his father and Isaac gave the blessing that, if I’m not mistaken, he’d essentially live and die by the sword but more importantly he would redeem himself or break free from the yoke that his brother has upon him.

The descendants of Esau are known as the Edomites. (Again, if I’m not mistaken)

So my question is a two parter I suppose, did Esau and his descendants ever break free from the yoke of his brother. And if so, what does this mean?? Also, what role do the Edomite’s play today and who are they now? Who do we know them as?

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