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Question about costume’s for a children’s recital, singing "Hanukkah, Oh, Hanukkah"

Hello everyone, I do the costumes for recitals at my kids’ school, because I was the only parent to show up to a meeting asking for volunteers a few years ago. Now they know I can sew.

Anyway, the music teacher usually has a couple kids in costume for each song, and this year, one of the songs will be “Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah.”

Obviously, cultural appropriation and racism are a concern, but I also know I probably won’t have help, and I can guarantee there’s like no budget. Seriously, I did a bunch of animals from the Lion King last year out of extra and leftover supplies I had, I might have put $10 into them. I guess you could say all the materials are recycled.

I’m trying to make a costume for a song about a holiday from a religion that isn’t my own. Basically out of trash. Oh, there’s a song called “Kwanzaa” too. The teacher suggested I make a dreidel costume.

I’d really appreciate any help anyone could give.

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