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Question about conversion.

Sabbath Shalom.

First of all I would like to wish you all a beautiful Sabbath and I would like to say a few words about the recent anti-semitic attack ; Every single one of you reading this matter and I stand proudly with you, we will get through this.

Onto the actual topic of discussion, for several months now i’ve been studying judaism relentlessly and applying every single law I know about (note that l have not been to a synagogue yet, details below) into my daily life (except sabbath, i’m working on it thought). In my mind, I feel jewish but I am not as long as l have an unpure body.

Now comes my problem, the conservative movement is the most interesting to me and it is the one I reflect with the most (as there is no limit to how observant one can be, also LGBT.) but in Quebec city, the jewish community is very small and the only synagogue we have is a chabad one (Orthodox, unfortunately for me). I have never visited it due to the heavy restrictions we have here, but now that they are lifted I am ready to go.

But as I said earlier, I would rather go to a conservative Synagogue, although it doesn’t bug me that much… The conversion part is the thing that bugs me, as I am destined to go to an orthodox synagogue and I want a conservative conversion, what shall I do?

Second question, less related to conversion this time.. Due to these hard time for jewish people around the world, is it acceptable to wear a david star necklace to show my support, knowing that I am a soon to be (hopefully) convert?

Thank you all for reading this far and (hopefully) answering, it means a lot.

A beautiful sabbath to you all.

Sabbath Shalom.

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