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Question About Circumcision

Hey. I don’t mean to come across as an anti-circumcision freak of zealot. I’m just trying to get a perspective from the Jewish community.

After learning about my body, exploring the justifications and history about the practice, et al. The only thing that makes sense to me is that Jewish circumcision removes the two most erogenous and well-pleasing parts of the penis. And that multiple things about doing it in early life make it much, much more sexually damaging than in adults: something in the realm of 50% to 55% sensation.

Why would the frenulum be cut unless you’re trying to cut off every part of the penis that is strongly erogenous? That seems like a requirement that only makes sense if you were intending to do exactly that. I know there’s a lot of strong emotions on this topic. But I’m just curious about the Jewish perspective on this. Plenty of Jewish thinkers seem to have a pretty positive attitude to sexual pleasure: so it seems weird that the ritual itself would seem to have some extremely negative sexual effects.

Also: Is Wikipedia’s statement that Brit Milah has been widely justified to damage male’s sexuality true? A form of sacrifice of sexual pleasure to the divine?

Thanks. I know this is an extremely controversial and taboo topic.

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