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I am currently in the process of “reaffirming” my Judaism at a reform congregation. I was born to a Jewish mother, and then adopted and raised Catholic. Although I have no connection to my birth family, I have always felt Jewish in my soul on a level I cannot really put into words without feeling like I sound ridiculous. Anyway, my husband was also raised Christian. He’s now an atheist and while he is very supportive of my personal journey, he would need a literal knock on the door from G-d to change his mind.

I was told by my rabbi that I do not need to formally convert as my mother is Jewish, but I am still going through the process with courses, the mikveh, and a beit din. However, he also said that my son will need to convert, so I found that a bit confusing. If I am Jewish, why isn’t my son Jewish? Is this because my husband isn’t Jewish? My biological father wasn’t Jewish, so I assume that doesn’t matter. My son was already circumcised, so he will need to have a hatafat dam brit which to me sounds sort of traumatizing for a 3 year old, and I’m just not sure if I’m comfortable with that. (No offense, but can they just prick his finger instead? Is that a thing?) Would he still be Jewish without this?

I know this is right but as I said, I’m feeling a bit confused. This is the only rabbi I’ve spoken with so far. My Jewish friends and family are all quite secular, so any insight is appreciated.

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