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Queer and Observant?

I am in need of some advice. I am really struggling to find a Jewish community irl that welcomes me as a queer man but also practices the sort of traditional observance that I deeply crave. I almost always feel ostracized in orthodox circles, yet I am never welcome in reform circles as I am then told I’m “too religious”, not to mention agreeing with very little of their teachings and that I am always left feeling spiritually unfulfilled. As for Conservative, I suppose it works but I often deal with the same issues that I do in reform spaces of being seen as “too religious”, yet then at the same time I still end up having to deal with some of the homophobia and not feeling welcome I get from orthodox spaces far too often to boot. I rly don’t know what to do and I’d appreciate all y’all’s wisdom and thoughts on the subject. Thanks!

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