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Purim Megathread 5784 #1

This is the first relevant megathread for the joyous, appropriately drunken festival of פורים.

This is NOT in any way meant to limit the number of Pourim-related posts standing alone in the sub.

However, wherever, and with whomever you’re going to celebrate, you certainly won’t be alone for this most well-hanged time of our year. Ask questions and share ideas here to help your fellow Jews the world over triangulate their cookies and boo to their heart’s content with as much festive community festivity as possible!

In the Diaspora and those within Israel without walls, Furim starts on the evening of Saturday, March 23 and runs through Sunday, March 24. On haLuakh haIvri, it all happens on 14 Adar II. If your walls be wailing or western, you celebrate Purrm on 15 Adar II. See u/Elementarrrry‘s comment here for more context on that.

/ˈpʊərɪm/ celebrates the saving of the Jews in the Achaemenid Persian Empire from Haman, a minister in the court of Ahasuerus (possibly Xerxes I or Artaxerxes I), who wanted us to hang because he was so rudely insulted by the mensch Mordecai. Mordecai’s cousin/neice/daughter/wife (choose one) Queen Esther (Hadassah) worked behind the scenes to ensure the scheme failed, and it failed spectacularly. Morty and Esther worked to expose Haman’s evil empire and because of them, the story ends favorably for us and for everyone, except Haman and his cronies. It’s a rousing story of royalty, revenge, and reminiscing about the days when we could dispatch corrupt bigoted political officials by hanging them on the gallows they built for the people against whom they were bigoted (us, in this case).

The four main ways people celebrate this day are:

  • Megillah: listening (not just hearing, but actually listening) to the reading of the Megillat Esther(Book/Scroll of Esther) twice, once in the evening (erev Peerim) and once during the day (Purem)
  • Mishteh: having a big meal (seudah) and eating foods that refer to the story: hamantaschen, ojos de Haman, blintzes, kreplach, seeds and nuts
  • Mishloach manot: exchanging/giving ‘goody bags’ that usually include two different foods
  • Matanot l’evyonim: giving tzedakah/charity

Oher common ways to celebrate are:

  • Carnivals: dressing up in costume and having parties with games, music, etc.
  • Shpiels: general insanity, fun and games, making up stupid stories and laughing at people who don’t understand what the hell is going on
  • Drinking: as appropriate, drink to celebrate and to enjoy!

There are many other traditions, and in some communities this is seen as a feminist holiday.

Some resources to introduce the holiday:

These links were from a quick consultation with Rav Google (and just knowing some good resources). There are many, many resources about Poereem out there. If you have any to add to this list, please share below.

Last year’s posts:

We are all in this together, and will be together again next year, in Jerusalem.

חג שמח!

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