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Public versus Private Ideology in Hasidic Judaism

Good day!

I am curious as to a question I have regarding the Satmar world. The Satmar ideology is that Zionism is against G-d and a huge factor in why the Shoah happened. In fact Yoel Teitelbaum wrote a whole treatise on the world view.

But I find that this ideology may have limits, outside what is taught in say a Yeshiva in Brooklyn or Kiryas Joel. Satmar rebbes and Hasidim interact quite often with Chabad Lubavitcher emissaries, rabbis and community members. Why would they willingly interact with a movement that has become for all intents and purposes Zionist? For example a Satmar Rebbe even goes to a Chabad house in the Coachella valley when he is on holiday to daven. Isn’t that showing a permissive attitude of acceptance to the Zionist world? For example, there are Litvak/Yeshivish groups that still maintain a cherem against Chabad.

Curious as your opinions.

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