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PSA on Rebuke

Somebody is aboard a ship and overhears his neighbor panting heavily in the other room. He promptly walks in to investigate the noise and sees him aggressively axing the floorboards. Alarmed, he exclaims “What are you doing you fool! You’re gonna sink the boat and we’ll all drown if you persist, stop immediately!” The neighbor then snarkily retorts “why don’t you mind your own business…this doesn’t affect you…”

As Jews, we are all inextricably linked, mutually bound to an intergenerational covenant with a tremendous connection to Hakadosh Baruchu. As the old adage goes though, with great power comes great responsibility. As a cohesive unit, we naturally should keep each other accountable. Not through subjecting people to public humiliation (one of the worst transgressions you can commit) but through tender edification and well-meant admonitions. We are all in it together, so don’t withhold wisdom from your brother, let’s keep this vessel afloat please!!!! And conversely, remember that your personal observance adds to the merits of the nation as a collective and hastens the arrival of moschiah!!!

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