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PSA: Kosher Food pantries rock

I had one of those months where the budget just didn’t quite go to plan. It was going to be a lot of beans/rice/random odds and ends of frozen veggies from the freezer. I remembered that there is a food pantry at the J that serves kosher and non kosher clients. They hooked me up with so much kosher fresh food plus pantry staples. Even a special Rosh Hashanah bag with apples, honey, challah, candles, and tzimmes fixings. They were so accommodating about my having only a dairy kitchen. It was easy to get help 1 page form to fill out with super basic info (name, address, income) and needed to see ID+ proof of residence. They’ve even got a special grant to help kosher customers more often since other pantries aren’t as able to accommodate.

TLDR: if your budget is tight call up your local J or Jewish Children & Family Services and see if they have food pantry.

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