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Proud to be Jewish?

This is gonna make some people mad, but I hope some people are willing to talk about this. Usually the only people who bring this up are antisemites, and I really don’t want them to be the ones leading this conversation.

Basically I really want to be proud of my culture & people, since historically we have overcome so much, but seeing what we are doing is deeply saddening. First of all what we are doing to Palestine—I’m not going to try to convince anyone because I know everyone has their minds made up about this; for me it has been hard to watch other Jews kill and oppress another group.

We are also overrepresented among billionaires, & 4 of the 10 richest people in the world are Jewish. I believe it is inherently inethical to be a billionaire, I won’t be swayed from that. Every time I learn about a new awful rich person I check their Wikipedia in fear that they are Jewish, and more often than I’d like, they are.

Does anyone else struggle with this? I really want to be proud. What good in the world do we stand for?

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