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Project Wisdom


I’m doing an odd little project and would love input from many people. Recently, I’ve become captivated by the concept of “wisdom”, and its many forms. Maybe it lies in a small snippet of guidance shared between siblings. Or perhaps it can be found in the pages of a good book, or in the stories that a loved one has to share. In my mere eighteen years of life experience, I’ve come to realize that finding and sharing wisdom is invaluable to living and growing. Each speck of wisdom, cultivated from a unique perspective, is a piece to the infinitely large puzzle of life, creating a slightly greater picture of what it means to exist in this world. This is what inspired me to make this project.

With this Google Form, I want to focus on the wisdom found in those small bits of insight or advice. Below, you can enter anything you’ve learned as of this point in your life that you think would be unique or worthwhile to share with others. It can be as simple as “sleep when you’re tired”, as random as “always eat the frosting off the top of the cupcake”, or as meaningful as “keep those you love close to you”, there are no restrictions. I am reaching out to this subreddit in particular because I know Jews have some wonderful, invaluable wisdom that I’d love to listen to.

Right now, this project is still relatively early in its development. After documenting responses, I hope to find some way to display, organize, and share the responses I get online. Hopefully, this odd little project will provide an opportunity for many people to listen to, exchange, and maybe even take to heart valuable lessons that others have learned from their unique life perspectives.

Thank you!

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