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Priveleging Christianity isn’t secular

It’s so incredibly frustrating arguing with people who seem to think a government can claim to be 100% secular and incapable of a policy being religiously biased when there is obvious evidence to the contrary right in front of their face.

I don’t want to repeat the argument I was having elsewhere on reddit here, but to have that argument and be down voted and getting only crocodile tear sympathy is just… I don’t have words.

I’ve had this sort of argument a few times, and just every time. And I keep having it because the issue I end up arguing is one that I’m passionate about, and I just struggle with stopping. I hate the hypocrisy and I hate that there’s nothing I can do about the women being harmed. It’s really any time I argue anything from a Jewish point of view (even one from a mostly non-observant Jew) , most people can’t seem to see more than 6 inches in front of their own noses.

I hope you all don’t mind the rant too much.

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