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Prince of Egypt the musical – OMG

My family went to see the musical in the West End last night, and OMG do I regret spending money on this travesty.

Like many families, the Prince of Egypt movie is a favourite in our household. Sure, there are certainly creative liberties taken with the story, but it’s heart is very much in the right place. The movie even starts by telling you that artistic licence has been taken and refers you to the book of Exodus for the true story. However, the movie is powerful, emotional, a powerhouse of music, and crticially a clearly spiritual film about faith.

My expectations for the musical was that it would build and expand on the movie, but the core story, which is the anchor of Judaism, would remain intact.

What we got instead was the most woke nonsense I have ever seen. They’ve essentially stripped out all the spiritual aspect of the story and made it a bromance between Moses and Ramses to the extent that #Ramses did nothing wrong. Apparently he wanted to let the Hebrews go, but the priesthood and aristocracy wouldn’t let him. This is an almost entirely secular take on the story.

The powerful burning bush is reduced to a 30 second scene where 20 actors sing together telling Moses to go back to Egypt. Yes, a chorus of voices. What’s monotheism? Moses starts the plagues inadvertently and wants to go back to being Ramses buddy in the palace. He hates himself for hurting the innocent Egyptians.

It ends with the Egyptian army going after the Hebrews not because Ramses wants to, but because the priest forces him to. His heart is never hardened and it ends with Moses having a heart to heart with Ramses telling him he’s going to be fine and have a mighty empire…

I just couldn’t believe what I was watching. The Oscar winning When You Believe has no meaning when it’s sung because the only person of any faith in this adaptation is “crazy” Miriam. Absolutely mind-boggling.

Has anyone else seen the musical and have a different take?

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