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Pre-Yamim Noraim 5784 Megathread

This is a megathread for the Yamim Noraim (trans. Days of Awe: Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, and the Aseret yamei teshuva: Ten Days of Repentance). There will be further megathreads for the other seasonal holidays, but for now we’ll just focus on the immediate days to reduce confusion.

This is NOT in any way meant to limit the number of RH or YK-related posts standing alone on the sub, but rather provide a central location for questions, comments, and advice as we approach the High Holidays. However, wherever, and with whomever you’re going to get your name written and sealed in the Big Book, you certainly won’t be alone for this most shofar-y time of our year. Ask questions and share ideas here to help your fellow Jews the world over move from 5783 to 5784 with as much teshuva, tefilah, and tzedaka as possible.

Note: Questions about fasting as they pertain to your health status, including taking certain medications, should be directed first to your doctor and then to your rabbi (or maybe ask them simultaneously, but the doctor ought to be consulted one way or the other). Please do not ask these questions here. On Reddit, no one knows who’s a rabbit and who’s a rabbi.

Some resources to introduce Rosh Hashana, the New Year:

Some resources to introduce Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement:

These links were from a quick consultation with Rav Google (and just knowing some good resources). There are many, many resources out there. If you have any to add to this list, please share below.

Last year’s post:

You can find megathreads and other resources through that posts, or by searching in the sub.

And of course, the havura of Reddit is here for you. You are not alone. We are all in this together, and will be together again next year, in Jerusalem.

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