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Prayer in Hebrew that can be used in the Background adlibbed of a song cover but wouldn’t be sacrilegious but also makes sense in context?

Hi, what it says on the tin, I’m doing a song cover of Witch Hunt by JubyPhonics with a friend and as we both are Jewish, I had the idea for Miku’s part as an adlib at one to put something like a Hebrew prayer/song/chant in it but:

  1. I didn’t want it to be super religious and sacred, cause it’s just a song cover
  2. the character singing it is in more of a villain role
  3. I didn’t want it to be just gibberish or feel out of place for someone who understands the prayers meaning
  4. I didn’t want to make it offensive !! we wanna include it because its important to us

It’s an idea I think could be cool but, I worry about it a bit. any thoughts or suggestions?

Edit: we also though of the idea of the sympathetic character also say something in Hebrew as an adlib as well, so it wouldn’t just be the villain character and would also make a cool parrell between them

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